Shooting the Seventy Plus

While it is far from finished, I’ve just started making some good progress on a small web site for a photography project being run by local family photographer Lindsay Wakelin.

The site is to display the portraits of those who are now over 70 years old, with a view to having them seen in a different light and not just ‘that old guy in your way’.


If you live in the Colchester area (or are happy to travel) then contact Lindsay and she can talk you through what she’s doing – it’s free and she’ll even provide you with a high-quality digital portrait you can get printed, send to friends and family via email or just use on your Facebook account.

Your portrait will also be listed on the seventy plus web site and posted on

Replicating a mySQL database

The database

If you’re running a site that uses mySQL then you’ll need to export the data into a text file (.sql) somewhere on the file system.

If you don’t have root or sudo access then choose somewhere in your home folder:

cd ~/

Then run the following command replacing user_name with your mySQL username,database_name with the name of the database you want to export and filename

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