Fuzzy time

I really like fuzzy time, it pains me that my phone is so accurate about time. When I got my Pebble Steel the first thing I did was seek out a fuzzy time watchface.


Or in other words, make it less accurate.

Actually I was a little disappointed that a great fuzzy time watchface already existed as I had vowed to create one if it hadn’t. To compensate I wrote a web site that displays fuzzy time instead.

Where I can’t implement actually fuzzy time I settle for just incorrect time – both the clocks in my car are wrong. For half the year one of them is 10 minutes fast and the other 1 hour and 10. The rest of the year one is still 10 mins fast but the other 50 mins slow – needless to say I never get where I’m going on time! Annoyingly the mechanic who services my car insists on putting the cars clock right…

Greenwich Half Time

A concept I like, that is of my own invention, is Greenwich Half Time. To take a point between normal time and day light saving and just settle on it. Admittedly we’d be half hour off everyone else but at least we’d never have to put the clocks forward/back again.

Pebble Steel

I was so excited when I first saw the Pebble Steel – it was for me the first smartwatch that looked like a high-end timepiece rather than a throwback from some childs Sci-Fi fantasy.


I put my order in once they announced they had begun shipping backorders, figuring that I’d probably have to wait while they cleared early orders. Continue reading “Pebble Steel”