Making a customised world in Don’t Starve Together

Customising your world in Don’t Starve Together is pretty simple – you just need to know where the configuration goes and what to put in the file.

Creating a worldgenoverride.lua

This file allows you to fine tune your DST experience and is specific to the shard you are customising – for instance, if you want to customise your Forest shard called Master, you’d place your worldgenoverride.lau in:


What do I put in the file?

For my config on the Anxiety Hour server, I specified a medium sized world and a couple of other fairly self explanatory changes:

return {
        override_enabled = true,
        overrides = {
                world_size = "medium",
                deerclops = "never",
                touchstone = "often"

What can I say, we die alot.

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