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Adding mods to your Don’t Starve Together server

Adding mods to your dedicated Don’t Starve Together server on Ubuntu Server can be a little fiddly – to get started you’ll need the mod IDs from the Steam Workshop. Once you have those they need to be added to a file in a specific format.

Open the file below:

vi ~/dontstarvetogether_dedicated_server/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua

The syntax is explained in the file – as per the files instructions, adding the mod Global Positions looks like this:


You can add as many mods as you need, just add them on a new line each time.

Once this is done you need to configure your mod – create a file called modoverrides.lua in your cluster:

vi ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/Master/modoverrides.lua

Now add your configuration: if you aren’t sure what needs to be added, try making a local game with the mod enabled and copy from your local game file.

A common mod called Global Positions has a set up similar to this:

return {
  ["workshop-378160973"] = {
    configuration_options = {
      ENABLEPINGS = true,
      FIREOPTIONS = 2,
      OVERRIDEMODE = false,
      SHOWFIREICONS = true,
    enabled = true 

Once you have configured these two files, simply restart your game and the mods should load.

If you want to remove these at any point simply remove the relevant configurations from the files above.

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