Ubuntu Server

Quick set up for UFW or Ubuntu Firewall on Ubuntu Server 18.04

A quick and easy firewall is included with Ubuntu Server – it is easy to set up.

Before doing any work on your Ubuntu Server, it is good practice to update your software repositories using:

apt update

Before you start making changes to the firewall, it is a good idea to check its status:

ufw status

You can also list any running applications that have registered a profile with the firewall:

ufw app list

If you access your server via SSH then you need to allow that service before you enable the firewall:

ufw allow OpenSSH

If you are enbling a profile that has spaces in the name, simply wrap your service name in quotes:

ufw allow 'Apache Full'

Once you’re sure you’re happy with the firewall setup, enable your firewall:

ufw enable

You can now see what profiles are active by running:

ufw status

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