Setting up IMAP from NamesCo on Mozilla Thunderbird

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird to use with your NamesCo IMAP email account is fairly straight-forward. Anywhere I have used’, use your domain as used in your email address after the @ symbol. Where I use ‘’ replace with your name.

Open Thunderbird and open the ‘Account Settings’ – on Ubuntu 13.10 that can be found in the ‘Edit’ menu.

Account settings screen

At the bottom of this screen on the left you’ll see a dropdown menu labelled ‘Account Actions’.


Click on the dropdown and choose ‘Add Mail Account…’ – a new screen will open requesting your name, email address & password.


Fill in the details and click ‘Continue’.

Thunderbird will attempt to find your account setting from Mozillas email database. When it fails it will display a configuration screen where you can add the correct details.


The details for the NamesCo server are:

                   Server hostname    Port   SSL       Authentication
Incoming:   IMAP   993    SSL/TLS   Normal password
Outgoing:   SMTP   465    SSL/TLS   Normal password

The username for your account should have been supplied to you – it is usually in a format as below:


Fill in the details and click ‘Continue’ again. Thunderbird should connect to the NamesCo server, close the setup window and show you the ‘Account Settings’ window again.

Click on you email address on the left hand side. On the right you can update your account name with something easier to read:


You can also add your organisation name and a signature on the same screen:


On the left under your account name you can see ‘Server Settings’ – click on that and check the box labelled ‘Clean up (“Expunge”) Inbox on Exit’:


On the left under your account name you can see ‘Junk Settings’ – click on that and check the box labelled ‘Move new junk messages to:’:


On the left click ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’. Highlight the SMTP entry that corresponds to your new email account and click ‘Edit…’


The details for your SMTP server should mostly be correct as we set them up earlier – you will need to change the username though as it is different to your email user:


The settings should be:

Description:              Optional/Leave empty
Server Name:    
Port:                     465

Connection security:      SSL/TLS
Authentication method:    Normal password
User Name:      

Click ‘OK’.

SMTP password

Assuming all has gone well you should be able to receive email. From another device or from an online email provider test this by sending yourself an email.

When the email arrives reply to it – you will be asked for the SMTP password:


Enter your SMTP password, check the box labelled ‘Use password Mana…’ and click ‘OK’.

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